Understanding Solar

How Does Solar Work

In brief the suns energy is collected in one of two different ways and this energy is then used to heat the water in your geyser.

We make use of two different and equally effective systems to collect the energy produced by the sun and turn it into hot water.

  1. flatplateFlat plate collectors, these collectors are a combination of header pipes connected to riser pipes through which the water in your geyser is passed. These normally copper pipes are either welded or crimped to a larger flat section of either copper or aluminium plate called collector plates. These collectors are coated with a variety of coatings to capture as much of the suns energy with as little reflection as possible. This entire structure is fitted in an aluminium frame with back and side insulation. The whole system is covered with a low iron tempered glass to further reduce heat loss. The heat in the collector is transfer to the copper pipe by conduction and this in turn heats the water.
  2. vacuumEvacuated tubes, still have a collector but in this case it is made up of a double layer of glass with a vacuum between the two layers. Much like a thermos flask. The vacuum acts as an insulator. On the outer layer of the inner tube is a very thin layer of copper which is the collector. This copper has a coating on it much like that on the flat plate collector. This coating absorbs as much of the suns energy with as little reflection as possible. This heat is then transferred to an aluminium sheet inside the inner glass tube. This is then transferred to a heat pipe which has a fluid inside it. This fluid is under vacuum which gives it a very low boiling point. Once heated this fluid will produce steam which rises to the top of the heat pipe into a condenser. This condenser is thermally coupled to the main collector pipe. The water from your geyser is then circulated through this collector pipe thus heating it up.

Types of solar systems available:

Current systems qualifying for Eskom Rebate

20 Tube Collector- Full Solar SystemEvacuated tube 

  • 150L Full pumped system with 15 evacuated tubes
  • 200L Full pumped system with 20 evacuated tubes
  • 200L retro system with 20 evacuated tubes (can only be retro fitted to Kwikot geysers) 

All of the above systems come with a silver anodised collector and frame or a black powder coated option is available.

300L Full pumped system with 2 X 2m2 flat plate collectorsFlat plate systems

  • 200L Full pumped system with one 2m/2 flat plate collector
  • 300L Full pumped system with two 2m/2 flat plate collectors 

Watch this space for new additions to the systems on the Eskom rebate program

Only the best materials are used in the assembly of the above systems, all frames are made of sturdy anodised aluminium and all hardware is high grade stainless steel.

Various other systems are available off the Eskom rebate program. Please contact us for details.