About Us

I have spent over 3 years researching, in my spare time, methods of being energy efficient particularly in the lighting and geyser arena.  This included solar and wind turbines, how much each appliance within the average house uses and whether there are ways of reducing this usage even if it were just through awareness.  I have always been conscious of wasting our natural resources and I have instilled this value system in my family. Prior to the installation of solar in my home, our geyser was on a timer to ensure that the bare minimum was used.

I have a technical background and initially worked at Telkom as a data technician in Gauteng. Upon moving to Cape Town 13 years ago I went into the construction industry project managing the construction of residential property through my own business. I have been in the construction industry for about 12 years.  Last year the desire to commence with the energy efficient company was too great to ignore and Silver Solutions was born...  The understanding of how products work has always fascinated me and I can spend hours doing research to unravel this and ensure that I understand products and processes. 

The stock I currently hold is from local companies and I am committed to only holding and selling products that I have extensively researched to ensure that they are the best products available. I built a reputation for quality and service in my construction company and carrying this through to the new company is top priority.

Good quality has always been one of my key values as many of my construction customers will attest to.